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Updates on Kame

June 27th, 2013 (07:19 pm)

I know I never post anything, but today the news kept coming.

First, Kame cast as the lead in a new drama for fall this year.

Then the announcement of DREAM BOYS JET 2013, minus Kame.

I can't say I'm surprised that Kame is not doing Dream Boys this year, or for that matter, ever again, since the way he went about promoting Kis-My-Ft2 last year strongly hinted at a handover.

Dream Boys had always been a labour of love, and I had hoped he would eventually stop forcing himself to do such death-defying stunts on a daily basis, unlike Koichi who is still rolling down the stairs with no end in sight. Yet it's still sad to lose a platform which we have become used to equating to Kame.

Knowing now that it was Kame's last performance as Kazuya, it was definitely worth the money to have at least watched Dream Boys once last year. -- It was great going with you, becroberts! Add that to the fact that I have seen Jin's last ever tour with KAT-TUN, and Chemistry's last tour as a duo, I realise that I'm a very lucky fan indeed.


What does worry me is that with now being too late to announce a summer tour, and with Kame's drama keeping him busy from September to December, it looks as if there may be no KAT-TUN live concert this year at all. And with that, it doesn't look as if I will be going to Japan this year at all. :(

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